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Community Feedback Session

Date: August 20th, 2022

Time: 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

Location: Tafolla Middle School  

Number of Attendees: 40 Attendees


In the Community Feedback Session, Able City briefly reviewed the project commitments, design challenges, and community priorities. Able City explained how these factors influenced the proposed design options. Afterwards, the design team eagerly presented the four design options.  

After the presentation, attendees broke into smaller groups to discuss prompt questions. Each table was able to share their thoughts and feedback on different design topics. 


Each small group's feedback was recorded on small sheets. Here is what the community said...

What should the unit mix be?

"increase 2+3 bedrooms, add 4 bedrooms"

"maintain the school aged residents of Alazan"

"guarantee they (residents) come back"

where should green spaces go-01-01.png

Where should green spaces go?

"close parks where people can see their kids"

"there is opportunity for a strong urban connection of community to creek"

"larger courtyard to have community gathering"

where should green spaces go 1.png

Where should new buildings go?

"on Brazos St."

"in the courtyards"

where should new buildings go-01.png

How tall should new buildings be?

"2-3 stories "

"no three story on Brazos St."

how tall should builds be-01.png

How to improve streetscape?

"neighborhood is famous for murals"

"need stop signs, lighting for safety"

"accessibility to public transportation"

"ensure area is walkable/bikeable"

how to improve streetscape-01.png

Where should the community center be?

"places for birthdays, dance classes, gaming rooms"

"computer resource to fix digital divide"

"spaces that feel intimate, comfortable, warm"

where should the new community center go-01.png

After our small group discussions, we asked attendees to take the the survey before leaving the meeting.


Kids also participated in small design discussion. They were able to tell us how their ideal streets look like! 


Click Here to View Slideshow! 

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