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Estudios de casos de vivienda 

Comité de Residentes #3

Fecha: 24 de mayo de 2022

Hora: 18:00 - 19:30 

Ubicación: Centro Comunitario Westside de UTSA 

Número de asistentes: 28   Residentes


Terminamos la sesión con un ejercicio interactivo en el que los residentes ayudaron a definir cuatro términos: Asequibilidad, Densidad, Preservación y Nueva Construcción.


"more bedrooms for people with disabilities"

"no because there are a lot of big families but also considering people with no children, 50/50"

unit mix-01.png
Should we build three-story new construction in order to add additional units?

"I like 2 stories personally to me because of health issues 

"new gives hope, inspires people and makes sure that thing are not outdated like the sewage, sharing pipes, electricity, wifi"

building height-01.png
Should we prioritize stacked flats or townhomes?
"I feel like a 2 story townhome is better, 3 is a little too much"

"yes, three stories for additional units"

"yes, soundproof spacious for furniture to go up the stairs an elevator for elderly to visit parking problems"
Should we reconfigure buildings within the courtyards to create larger playgrounds?

"yes because many kids and people have space and an area to play in and have barbeque "

"playgrounds for kids with disabilities to play in, have a beautiful development in the Westside"

green space.png
Should we move some units from Valero Field and Apache back to Alazan Courts to increase the green space?

"max out valero, I think the field would be best to add more units to "

"shade for any playground with building, accessible play equipment, gardens "


" on Brazos, it's better to have it in the middle for everyone to access"


¡Haga clic aquí para ver la presentación de diapositivas !

En la tercera reunión del comité de residentes, Able City y los expertos en financiamiento de viviendas, EPS, explicaron las herramientas básicas del financiamiento de viviendas asequibles para que los residentes pudieran comprender mejor la terminología y los desafíos de financiamiento que darán forma al diseño de Alazan Courts.

Where should the community center go? 
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