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  • Who is Able City?
    Able City is a San Antonio-based architecture and planning firm with expertise in community-led design. Able City’s practice is focused on working with community members to provide design and policy solutions that create healthy and thriving communities. The design team is supported by housing expert Alamo Architects and financial expert Economic Planning Systems.
  • What is the Reimagine Alazan Courts Master Plan?
    The Reimagine Alazan Courts Master Plan is a process to decide the future of Alazan Courts. The San Antonio Housing Authority hired Able City to learn from residents, neighbors and community members about their priorities and design a plan to guide investments at Alazan Courts.
  • How will the Alazan Courts Master Plan impact me?
    Opportunity Home is committed to keeping all 501 units as public housing. Alazan Courts will continue to serve the same income levels in the future. During construction, Alazan Courts residents will be offered financial relocation assistance to move temporarily. SAHA will work to relocate residents to other SAHA properties in the area and work in phases, so residents won’t all be impacted at the same time. When the improved Alazan Courts are complete, residents will have the option to return.
  • What is Alazan Expansion?
    The Reimagine Alazan Courts Master Plan identified an opportunity to create more public housing on Valero Field and some Apache Courts property. With the support of The City of San Antonio Housing Bond, Opportunity Home (formerly the San Antonio Housing Authority) will develop 88 units on the two blocks. Architects from Able City and Alamo Architects and landscape architects from MP Studios will lead the community engagement, develop the design and oversee the construction. The two main goals for the Alazan Apache Expansion are to create environmentally friendly, safe and healthy housing and to honor the culture and history of the Alazan Apache courts
  • How will the Alazan Apache Expansion impact me?
    The Alazan Apache Expansion will be constructed on open land on Valero Field and the block to north. No existing units will be affected and no residents will be displaced. Once complete, the Alazan Apache Expansion units will be reserved for residents from Alazan Courts during the renovation and development of their property. All units will be offered as public housing, at the same level of affordability as existing Alazan Apache Courts homes.
  • Is this related to the Legacy at Alazan?
    No. The Legacy at Alazan are the new apartments at Colorado and Guadalupe that were recently completed by SAHA. The Legacy is a separate project and is not related to the Reimagine Alazan Courts.
  • What is the timeline?
    Construction of the Alazan Expansion is set to be completed by the end of 2024.
  • What will be different?
    The two main goals for Reimagine Alazan Courts is to provide Alazan residents with environmentally friendly, safe and healthy housing and to preserve the culture and history of the Alazan Courts. Part of the process will be to decide whether the existing buildings should be restored, rehabilitated, replaced or some combination of those strategies. We want your input about how to achieve those goals.
  • How do I fit in?
    The design team wants to hear and learn from you. You will be invited to meetings and community events over the next year to share your opinions, thoughts, and concerns about the Alazan Apache Expansion. To get involved more deeply with the design process, please join the Resident Committee or Community Committee.
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