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During the Alazan Courts Master Plan, Opportunity Home received funding from The City of San Antonio  Housing Bond to develop the first implementation phase of the Reimagine Alazan Courts Masterplan. This phase includes  88 new apartment units near the  Alazan Community Center. Able City and Alamo Architects and MP Studio are currently hosting community engagement, developing the design, and overseeing the construction.


The design of  Alazan Apache expansion was a collaborative process between residents of Alazan Courts, Apache Courts, community members, and the design team, which includes Alamo Architects, Able City and MP studio.


The team began by engaging with residents that were involved in the Alazan Courts Master Plan process and invited Apache Courts residents to join the conversation. The team doorknocked all of Apache Courts and hosted several resident and community committee meetings. 


The design team is currently working hard to finish the technical documents to meet the aggressive construction schedule. However, we always welcome your feedback and will work to incorporate community comments as is possible.


To learn more about the community engagement process:

Site Plan 

During the Alazan Courts Master Plan it was identified that Alzan Courts needed to expand in order to accommodate for the expansion and rehabilitation. During the design workshop on June 2022, the Valero Field (baseball field behind the Alazan Community Center) was identified as a potential location to expand and add additional housing. The attendees of the design workshop, during a design activity also suggested adding housing on the field instead of expanding up at Alazan Courts. 


The buildings maintain the same placement near the curb to embrace the walkability of the neighborhood. The inside courts and green spaces create a sense of safety, play, and privacy, and maintain the “backyard” feel that both Alazan Courts and Apache Courts have. The design team heard from residents that they wanted ball courts, playgrounds, picnic, and grilling areas, and walking paths for exercise. 

SD Site Plan.png


The new building maintains the same look and feel as the existing Apache Courts buildings. The team heard from residents and community members that they wanted the new building to maintain the character and context of Apache Courts but with a fresh approach. The new buildings maintain the same shape and form as the existing buildings, creating courts between buildings, front porches, screened doors, and fenced yards.

 Front Elevation 

Street Elevation

Open Spaces

2023-04-24 overall (1).jpg

   1 East Block - View to playground 

unnamed (3).jpg

   2 West Block - View to gathering area 

unnamed (2).png

   3 East Block - View to event lawn 

unnamed (1).png

   4 East Block - View to the playground 

Floor Plans & Unit Layout

During the community engagement conversations, the team received feedback from residents and community members expressing the need for larger spaces, including bigger rooms, closets, and storage areas. The residents emphasized the importance of having a variety of unit types to accommodate families. In response to this feedback, the team decided to increase the unit mix to meet the needs of the residents better. Currently, Alazan Courts and Apache Courts offer one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. However, in the proposed new buildings at Alazan Apache, the unit mix has been expanded to include 12 one-bedroom units, 40 two-bedroom units, 16 three-bedroom units, and 20 four-bedroom units.

Share with us your feedback on the Alazan Apache Expansion Schematic Design.

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