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Masterplan Update

Date: October 4th, 2022

Time: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm 

Location: Alazan Community Center 


The Alazan Community Center hosted the annual San Antonio Neighbors Together celebration. The design team set up a booth to showcase the masterplan process and present the draft site plan for Alazan Courts.

We had a lot of fun talking to Alazan residents and community members about the masterplan. We explained the whole process from our project timeline to the design constraints to what feedback we've heard from the residents.

The Process

Alazan Courts Celebration Boards-03.jpg

Design Considerations

Alazan Courts Celebration Boards-04.jpg

Preliminary Design

Alazan Courts Celebration Boards-05.jpg

What We Heard

Alazan Courts Celebration Boards-06.jpg

Proposed Alazan Courts 

21028-Alazan Courts Master Plan UPDATED-01-01.jpg
Fences 1-01-01.jpg
Interior Parks-01.jpg
Creek side Park2-02.jpg

Alazan Courts Expansion

Apache Site Plan-01.jpg
2022.09.27 Alazan aerial perspective.jpg
2022.09.23 Alazan sanjacinto lookingsouth view.jpg
2022.09.23 Alazan cc view.jpg

We talked to residents and community members. They were able to ask us questions about the project, and provide feedback on the proposed designs. We had many great interactions!


What are the next steps?

Alazan Courts Celebration Boards-07.jpg

We asked residents and community members to write to their elected to official to share their support for Alazan Courts. We had constituents tell their elected officials why they were excited about the masterplan!

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