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Design Development

Residents Committee #7

Date: September 27th, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Location: UTSA Westside Community Center 

Number of Attendees: 25 Residents


In the seventh resident committee meeting, Able City reviewed the housing bond proposal for the Valero field, and presented the draft masterplan site plan. We were able to get the thoughts and feedback from the residents.


We asked the residents five different questions regarding the design. We asked them about building heights, fencing, parking, and playgrounds. Here is what we heard from the residents...

Valero Field

"good for me, love it "

"I love the whole thing, the setting of the building, the green space, and I really like how y'all are putting four bedrooms now."

Heights & Unit Count 

"575 units are okay as long as they're all 100% public housing"

"I was against 3 story at first but now I understand that there is a great need for housing so I think the more units available the better" 


"parking in front of our buildings, not where it can get vandalized"

"I think parking spots should be designated plus visitor parking because in my experience people fight over parking"

"no enforcement, no parking procedures"


"fences less than two feet"

"gates at parking to prevent high speed, speed bumps"
Playgrounds & Parks 

"walking paths area behind our backyards"

"I would like to have a park to each section instead of one big park for the whole community"

"evenly, equally shared across the whole new units"

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