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Community Committee #1

Date: February 28th, 2023

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Location: UTSA Westside Community Center

Number of Attendees: 9 Attendees

Public Realm 

After a break from meeting with the committee, the team gave a quick overview of the project status and focused the meeting on the neighborhood's public realm.


After talking about many options for the future public realm of Alazan Apache, we asked the committee to place stickers where improvements need to be made to make Alazan-Apache public realm safer and better.


The team gave a presentation showing examples at different sizes of the neighborhood to show how the neighborhood could look like. These sizes varied from the neighborhood, courtyards, to private resident spaces.


 We heard great suggestions and comments from the committee on how we can achieve an improved public realm.

Public Realm Activity
What did the community committee have to say?
  • Many committee members placed extra lighting on parking lots.

  • We heard many committee members point out the importance of "eyes on the playground", we saw committee members place program inside courtyards to keep them active.

  • Many committee members expressed their concerned for having enough parking spaces. 

  • We heard many committee members emphasize the need to "activate community spaces" such as the community center. 

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