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Community Feedback 

Community Committee #5

Date: September 8th, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Location: UTSA Westside Community Center 

Number of Attendees: 12 Attendees


We had six prompt questions from different topics, from unit mix to building heights to green space. The committee gave us a lot of feedback! Here is what we heard from the attendees...

Do you agree with the proposed unit mix?

"I would like to see a few more 3-4 bedrooms"

"Concerned about the standard for a two bedroom 2 adult 1 children, would need to move out as child ages. How does a family age in place?

"no displacement is my priority."

Should we build three-story new construction in order to add additional units?

"no three stories at Alazan maybe at Apache " 

"I default to community members and residents in terms of where the higher buildings go, but in my belief there is an options for more public housing units, absolutely yes make it a priority."

"[three story] only interiors and on back edges " 

Should we prioritize stacked flats or townhomes?

"flats, to keep the culture and history of Alazan" 

"make all universal design and & ADA "

Should we reconfigure buildings within the courtyards to create larger playgrounds?

"community garden, green space close to home, individual green front, "

"Keeping green space playgrounds close to units is number one priority. Prioritize greenspace near every unit instead of a larger park that's further away."
Should we move some units from Valero Field and Apache back to Alazan Courts to increase the green space?

"Move units to Alazan  "

"too much in this version, scale down and add more green space"

"on Brazos St.

"I believe that locating along the creek would create a better community bond and unity. Also would allow for more dynamic means to have community events traffic on Brazos means to have community events"

" [on] Brazos, community tenant driven community organizations

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In the sixth community committee meeting, Able City shared with the community the initial results of the community survey. Attendees participated in an activity that allowed them to discuss prompt questions from the survey. This exercise gave the committee an opportunity to share their thoughts.

Where should the community center go? 
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