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Design Challenges

Community Committee #3

Date: June 2nd, 2022

Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm 

Location: UTSA Westside Community Center 

Number of Attendees: 22 Attendees


In the third community committee meeting, Able City and Alamo Architects, reviewed the design challenges to help the committee understand how these challenges will shape the Alazan Courts design.

Throughout the presentation, we asked attendees to write down what was important to them in regards to the following topics. Here is what we heard.


We ended the session with a priorities exercise. The project foundations are priorities that SAHA has already committed to for the project, so these priorities were already included on the attendees worksheet. These priorities include bringing Alazan Courts to modern standards, maintaining their affordability, and making them ADA accessible. 

We then asked the committee to fill the rest of the worksheet, and tell us what their priorities were for the project based on their own personal preference. We asked them to organize them in three tiles, the top being the most essential and the bottom being the least essential. Here is how the residents organized their priorities.


Project Foundations

Middle Row

Least Essential 

Bottom Row

Meets Modern Building Standards

Maintain Affordability 



Most Essential 

Top Row

Top Row CC test.jpg

After the priorities activity, we then asked attendees to write their own mission statement for the project. These mission statements will help guide the design team. Here is what we heard from the residents.



of attendees mentioned “community” in their mission statements.

"Allow an opportunity for the culture and spirit of San Antonio to show innovation, creativity, inspiration, and community team work to lead the way for greatness and overall prosperity for ALL!!!"

"A place where people enjoy an affordable, safe and inspirational housing community."


of attendees emphasized the importance of honoring the “culture & history” of the Alazan Courts. 

"Create a final product that improves the quality of life for the residents while paying homage/respects to the history of this place and this neighborhood. The final output is a result of heavy and frequent community involvement, it is a project that residents help think through and they are proud of."

" Continue the S.A traditions of having the Alazan Courts to be a valuable part of the public housing to the Westside community."

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CC - preservation.jpg


CC - architecture and building.jpg


CC - urban Site.jpg
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